A Flexible New Production Solution



Wide range of parts supported from small chips to large parts

     High speed placing of chip parts and flexible placing for
high throughput of medium sized parts. With dynamic tool
exchange for optimal support of everything from small chips
to large to large and add-form parts in addition to the standard
head lineup, the AIMEX IIS supports a huge range of parts. 

Support for different production types

(alternate production, indeoendent production)

     A double conveyor allows dual lane production of different panels at the same time. This production method enables chamgeover at one lane to be performed while production continues at the other, helping you to reduce lead times for your products. 

Convenient functions for trial and low-valume production 

      A new function enable vision processing data adjustments to be made quickly and at the machinge, which speeds up the process of introducing a new the line. This on-machine software can create vision processing data automatically based on the actual image of parts. All the operator needs to do is confirm the image is correct and then production can restart, greatly improving efficiency during new product introduction (NPI)

Expanded ability to handle various part types 

     As well as the ability to load up to 130 parts in tape, using the of head means support for wide range of add-form part. This allows the machine to place parts up to 38.1 mm(1.5 inches) in height such as the relays and LAN connectors that are commonly used for automotive panals and motherboards.